Wedding planning: decisions, decisions

“Do those couples get along?”

“Should children be allowed to come?”

How many days to go, did you say?”

“Where is my something borrowed!? I need to return it!”


Are you planning a wedding or being interrogated? There’s so much to decide, in very little time, with overwhelmingly high expectations.  But girl, relax. We’ve identified the essentials:




This is not said in jest. Your hubby-to-be isn’t a pawn in your fairy-tale wedding game. The forever-union is far more important than the glamour of the day thatsignifies its official commencement. Marriage isn’t about splitting your assets evenly; it’s about giving your everything.So do not divide your attention between your wedding your beloved – consider your beloved in every wedding decision. Without your beloved, there would be no wedding questions at all and you’d find yourself yearning for some wedding interrogation.




As witnesses to your incredible promise, guests are endlessly important too. When deciding who to invite it is vital to envision your past, present and future. Who has been around, has stuck around and will stick around? These are the people who will support you during your for betteras well as your for worse because truthfully, there will be difficult days. A focus on guests will also mean you are prepared for, or can avoid, logistical hiccups. Establish the number of guests before choosing a venue so that there is ample space.




Teenage daydreams about weddings seldom include visions of chair covers and table cloths – we didn’t conduct a survey but we’re pretty sure of this. Deep down you know what type of dress you want. Forget compromise. Are you enchanted by an embellished flare gown with a deep V-neckline and a lace skirt? Or does a simpler, shorter dress with gemstone embroidery tickle your modern and sophisticated fancy? Say a wholehearted,“Yes!” to that dress. Just bring an honest and decisive friend along for the fitting.




Be militaristic with your time. A to-do list is only as intimidating as its actual schedule. And if the list is already too long, ruthlessly scrap three items. That’s right – three! Actually: scrap three items anyway! Your list has probably accumulated some tasks that aren’t crucial. Perhaps you’re making plans out of guilt and obligation. Well, don’t. Take care of the big things and the little things will be happy little surprises that beautifully decide themselves.