Five Creative Invitation Ideas That You Can Opt For Your Wedding

Wedding invitations need to be special. This is the medium via which one announces to the world that he/she has found his/her soul mate. Not only a wedding invitation needs to reflect the personalities of the couple, it should also encourage all their loved ones to attend the most precious day of their lives.

The designs of wedding invitations have seen a sea change in the recent years. While the traditional ‘save-the-date’ cards are still chosen by the majority, offbeat designs and quirky themes have also attracted a lot of new age couples. This trend has given rise to the number of design studios in India, especially in metros like Delhi.

If you too are looking to break the monotony, as far as your wedding cards are concerned, go through the following list for some great options, which everyone on your guest list will love. Plus, they will allow you to efficiently utilize your favorite snaps from your pre-wedding shoot in Delhi.

Newspaper invitations: If you are looking to keep the quirk quotient subtle, go for a newspaper themed wedding invite. This works best in vintage black and white layout where your pre-wedding photographs and write-ups on the ceremony, reception, guest lists, directions etc. can be featured. You can also include wedding-themed fun games and a comic strip telling your love story. Don’t forget to attach a pre-stamped reply card in the form of a coupon, which your guests can use.

Message-in-a-bottle invitation: Planning a beach wedding? You must opt for a message-in-a-bottle invitation. They may cost you more than the traditional options. However, since destination weddings are celebrated with a lesser number of invitees, you may not mind shelling out a bit more to complete the theme. Alternatively, you can DIY your bottle invites and save big bucks. Include a few shells and fishing net along with your invite, printed on a faint map background. Choose to personally deliver most of the invites in your city to prevent breakage and save courier cost.

Matchbox invites: They say, ‘matches are made in heaven.’ Then why not make an invite in a matchbox style? This is super cheap and super quirky, plus loads of fun if you can involve your partner in the chore. For the cover, choose a candid pre-wedding photograph where you two seem to be having fun. Transform it by bringing in a cartoon, movie or painting effect using Photoshop. Print other details like who, what, when, where etc. on individual cards as the size of the box. Finally, stack them together inside along with a few real match-sticks. And voila! Your super trendy wedding invite is complete.

Dangle box wedding invitation: Dangle boxes are equal to showpieces, which your loved ones would like to display. Cut out your favorite photos in the sizes of the boxes, round or square; stick the details of the wedding, printed on a matching paper at the back of each photo and string them together with a nice ribbon. Finally, attach both ends of the ribbon at the lid and the base of the box.

Chocolate wrapper wedding invitation: If you don’t have enough time to craft out a wedding invite, yet want to stay away from the usual, go for chocolate wrapper wedding invites. You just need to print out the details on nice paper, with or without your photos and wrap them around a chocolate bar which you can buy at cheap rates from the wholesalers. In addition to being cheap, this invite complies with the Indian tradition of delivering good news along with a sweet.

While there is no harm is going all traditional with your wedding invites, these ideas will surely make you stand out in the crowd. Additionally, they will allow you to display your lovey-dovey pre-wedding shoot pictures to all your guests, which your Delhi wedding photographer has clicked with so much precision!

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